Unleashing latent value in distribution utility businesses 

While distributed energy resources hold promise for improved environmental and economic sustainability, those who own and operate the electric distribution grid play a critical role in helping or hindering its advance.  Regulators and regulation are even more important, governing the compensation processes which drive utility choices.  The Wired Group's expertise in modern grid technologies, operations, economics, rate-making, and performance, combined with our experience supporting Staff, regulators, and environmental and consumer advocates in grid modernization proceedings, offer a unique value proposition.  Clients interested in unleashing the value of distributed energy at the least possible cost are encouraged to consider the Wired Group services described below. 


  • Distributed and renewable energy "Point Of View" development
  • Objective perspective and support for grid modernization regulatory proceedings


  • Evaluation of grid modernization technologies, investment plans, and customer benefit-cost analyses
  • Distributed Energy rate designs and incentive program development


  • Post-modernization business process optimization and innovation portfolio development


  • Distribution grid and distribution business performance metrics, measurement, and benchmarking (visit www.utilityevaluator.com)
  • Post-modernization deployment compliance audits and benefit measurement