Unleashing latent value in distribution utility businesses 

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A wide variety of clients take advantage of Wired Group perspective and experience, including consumer advocates, environmental advocates, regulatory staff, utility suppliers, industry associations, and non-profit governing boards. When it comes to the smart grid, demand response, and distributed energy resources, the Wired Group's independence and objectivity serves a valuable role for all of our clients.

Consumer Advocates
Newer distribution business initiatives -- including the smart grid, demand response, and renewable energy -- can leave low-income customers "holding the bag" if not addressed conscientiously. At the same time, these initiatives can deliver real benefits to customers, communities, and society as a whole. Consumer Advocates call on the Wired Group to help ensure utility programs are developed in an equitable manner without reducing the benefits to customers overall (or harming legitimate utility opportunities to recover costs or authorized profit on invested capital). 

Environmental Advocates
The Wired Group holds a special affinity for environmental advocates, as they are more likely than most stakeholders to share our long-term view of the potential value of utility programs and investments. As Coloradans, Wired Group associates enjoy the outdoors and have a greater appreciation for the environment than most consulting teams. Environmental advocates call on the Wired Group to help ensure utilities are maximizing the environmental benefits of their programs and investments at the lowest possible cost to utilities and their customers.    

Regulatory Staff

Contrary to most utility industry consultants, the Wired Group does not work for investor-owned utilities.  Rather, the Wired Group perceives a market opportunity in its independence and objectivity and is honored to serve as a trusted resource to utility regulators in the US and abroad.

Utility Suppliers
It is not easy to sell products and services to utilities. The Wired Group understands both suppliers' predicaments and utilities' motivations, and helps utility suppliers craft effective, actionable sales, marketing, and product strategies to increase market share.  

Industry Associations
Industry Associations take advantage of Wired Group perspective and experience to advance their members' collective interests. The Wired Group helps them do so through objective fact-finding and effective presentation.

Non-Profit Governing Boards

Most nonprofit utility board members are at a serious experience deficit relative to the experts they rely upon to operate their utilities. Governing boards in need of a 'second opinion' and those interested in crafting a new infrastructure vision for their communities call on the Wired Group.