A wide variety of clients take advantage of Wired Group perspective and experience, including consumer advocates, business advocates, environmental advocates, regulatory staff, utility suppliers, industry associations, and non-profit organizations and utilities.  Wired Group independence and objectivity serves a valuable role for all of our clients.

Consumer Advocates
The potential benefits of smart meters, grid modernization, and distributed energy resources are significant.  But, as in most endeavors, the devil is in the details.  Without due care in planning and performance measurement, our research and experience indicates consumers will pay more for these new technologies than they will receive in benefits.  This need not be the case.  Consumer advocates call on us to critique smart meter and grid modernization investment and cost recovery proposals, maximize benefit potential, evaluate investment performance, and develop distribution planning processes with the goal of securing favorable benefit-cost ratios for consumers from new technologies.  Click here for a downloadable description of our consumer advocate value propositions.

Business Advocates

Business advocates want a modern and reliable grid, but they want it at a reasonable cost.  Businesses recognize that the law of diminishing returns applies to investments designed to improve reliability; that for-profit utilities have an incentive to over-invest; and that higher utility rates threaten economic growth and jobs.  Business advocates hire the Wired Group to rationalize utility investment and hold utilities accountable for promised reliability improvements.  Click here for a downloadable description of our business advocate value propositions.  

Environmental Advocates
The Wired Group holds a special affinity for environmental advocates, as they are more likely than most stakeholders to share our long-term view of the potential value of utility programs and investments. As Coloradans, Wired Group associates enjoy the outdoors and have a great appreciation for the environment.  Environmental advocates call on the Wired Group to help ensure utilities are maximizing the environmental benefits of their programs and investments at the lowest possible cost to customers.  Click here for a downloadable description of our environmental advocate value propositions.

Other Stakeholders

A variety of other stakeholders take advantage of Wired Group perspectives and objectivity, and of the high regard with which market participants perceive our expertise.  The Wired Group frequently serves as a trusted advisor to regulators, industry associations, and non-profit organizations and utilities,

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