Unleashing latent value in distribution utility businesses 



Wired Group President Paul Alvarez will be participating on a webcast panel discussion for Engerati, a London-based smart grid content distributor serving an international smart grid community, on April 6th at 9 am ET/1 pm GMT. The panel discussion will be the third in a 3-part series on data analytics, and will discuss the challenges associated with managing and optimizing "Big Data".


​Wired Group President Paul Alvarez is a thought leader in distribution utility business performance, regulation, and governance. He is available for interviews on these and related subjects:

  • Distribution utility ratemaking, regulatory, and governance models
  • Distribution utility performance assessment and measurement
  • Costs, benefits, and risks of smart grid capabilities and technologies
  • Renewable Portfolio Standards and associated utility customer programs and incentives
  • Energy efficiency and demand response programs offered by utilities and state agencies