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Utility executives: can you get your board and your customers to love you?

Distribution utility businesses are confronting a perfect storm of rising customer expectations, aging infrastructure, and market, regulatory, and technological developments presenting both threats and opportunities. Wired Group experience can help distribution business executives -- and the regulators, governing boards, customers, and other stakeholders who hold them accountable -- to develop strategies, execute plans, and evaluate performance in three critical domains.

Wired Group principals and associates have conducted the only two comprehensive, unbiased evaluations of large smart grid deployments and synthesized the findings from scores of capability research studies. Benefit from what we've learned.        â€‹more 


From voluntary renewable energy offers and customer self-generation to new business ventures and renewable standard compliance, we can help you reach your goals (whatever they may be!)



Unleashing latent value in distribution utility businesses 

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Has the growing cost of capacity got your down? Our experience in establishing, optimizing, and marketing demand response programs for C&I and residential customers can help.