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Wired Group principals and associates have conducted the only two comprehensive, unbiased evaluations of large grid improve- ment programs and synthesized the findings from scores of capability research studies. We know what works and what does not. Benefit from what we've learned.                             more 

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The benefits customers receive from grid investments vary widely by utility. Find out what advocates are doing to hold utilities accountable for performance, from post- investment accountability to performance-based ratemaking programs.                                                                          more

Regulators across the US are recognizing that many for-profit utility goals are inconsistent with state, stakeholder, & customer goals. Examine our proposals for more transparent, stakeholder-engaged grid planning and capital budgeting processes and decision-making.


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Unleashing latent value in distribution utility businesses 

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How can distribution utilities maximize value per dollar for customers?

The Wired Group is the leading US expert on distribution grid planning, investment, and performance dedicated to the needs of consumer, business, and environmental advocates and utility regulators. Our multi-disciplinary team provides our clients with the expertise and credibility required to authoritatively examine utilities' technical and financial grid investment justifications, maximize post-investment benefits and performance, and improve grid planning and capital budgeting processes. Wired Group experts have submitted testimony in scores of proceedings before utility regulators in 15 states, and served as consultants to advocates and Staff in several other states.  We are also the developers of the Utility Evaluator benchmarking software, designed specifically for use in monitoring the performance of investor-owned electric distribution utilities.