Wired Group process improvements, including rigorous benefit-cost analysis, risk-informed decision support, and stakeholder participation in grid plan development, increase utility capital spending governance and reduce stakeholder information asymmetry.


Grid Planning Processes

Grid Plan Examination

How can utilities develop their grids at the lowest cost to customers and state economies?

The Wired Group provides expertise on US utility grid planning, investment, performance, and regulation.  Dedicated to the needs of utility regulators and consumer, business, and environmental advocates, the Wired Group’s multi-disciplinary team reduces the cost of the energy transition by examining utility investment and operating plans, improving grid investment plan development processes, advancing utility performance accountability, and advocating for regulatory and ratemaking practices that optimize the balance between customer, shareholder, and environmental interests.

Wired Group grid plan  examinations identify proposed investments that will not deliver benefits in excess of costs and operating plans that will fail to deliver on expectations.  Our experience completing primary post-deployment research has taught us what to look for.


Grid Performance

Incentives and penalties govern utility behavior.  Wired Group opposes regulatory and ratemaking practices that erode consumer and environmental protections, and favors a balance between customer, shareholder, and environmental interests that for-profit monopoly regulation is responsible for maintaining.                                                                                    more

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Grid Regulation

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Experience has taught us that benefits delivered from modern grid capabilities vary widely by utility.  Wired Group frameworks for performance accountability ensure the promises of grid spending are realized for customers, communities, and the environment.  


Reducing the cost of the energy transition